Augmentsol is working closely with unique product and solution companies to bring their products in south east asia market

IBSFINtech is a FinTech company offering innovative, integrated and comprehensive solution for Risk, Treasury and Trade Finance Management. Their award winning product portfolio comprises of Innovative Treasury™ 5.1i with exclusive modules for Currency, Commodity, and Money Market and Innovative Trade Finance™ 5.1i


Differentiating valu-adding solutions

Sapience is the definitive solution for the enterprise effort analytics needed to catalyze the creation of a Mindful Enterprise. It delivers insights and advisories to enable self-improvement, informed decision-making and professional excellence by every stake-holder at each level of the business.

Nest is a company specialised in providing Insurance Management Platform including Agency Management, CRM, Channels for Non Life Insurance sector.

Polus Solutions is a company specialised in Research Administration Systems including Grant Management and IRB Management.

AugmentSol is the authorised representative of Polus in South East Asia.