Augmentsol works closely with you to grow your south east asia market business

Market dynamics of South East Asia market demands transformation in the way you conduct your business

AugmentSol works closely with you to create market specific solutions for South East Asia. South East Asia market is diversified, unique and is culturally sensitive. Different countries have different expectations in terms of engagement, needs and fulfilment. They all sit differently on the technology maturity curve and needs specific attention to the same. Their ability to get into commercial engagements vary from country to country.

AugmentSol works on these unique aspects with you and define the specific solutions based on the needs. Which can be

- Market Enablement to enable your market facing team for the South East Asia market in terms of right people, right size, right model.

- Market Representation and Development for you in South East Asia including brand and business, selecting right partners and alliances

- Improve the Sales Processes and Governance including Customer and Relationship Management, Demand Generation and Demand Capture, Deal Pursuit and Acquisition, Deal Win Loss analysis

- Enhance the market strategy related to product, services, specific country & region and work closely with you to execute the same.

- Improve the business execution and governance by implementing right systems, dashboards, balance score card, productivity improvement and cost optimisation

Business execution & governance

We work with you to enhance the governance in execution using dashboards, implement balance score card, improve the productivity and cost optimisation

Market representation & business development

We represent you in the South East Asia market and build your brand and business in the region. 

Give us a call or drop an email to engage with us. Lets have a confidential discussion. To begin with we can engage in a retained advisory model which can start with a minimum commitment. The clear deliverables, model of detailed engagement and commercials can then be mutually discussed. We look forward to talking to you.

Market enablement

We work with you to build and develop your sales team in line with your business strategy and South East Asia market needs, assist in right team formation including structure, bandwidth and skills.

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Our Services

sales processes

We work with you to embed best practices in your sales team for Customer & Relationship Management, Deal Pursuit & Acquisition, Deal win loss analysis

Market strategy

We align your product, service and market strategy as per South East Asia market and develop the GTM. We create and deliver the business plan in line with the prevailing technology and market needs and align the various stake holders